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The HCOM programs allow the Husky Hunter 2 to communicate with the HCOM for Windows program. HCOM for Windows is a file transfer utility designed for use with the full range of Husky rugged hand-held computers. It uses an interface similar to File Manager and will operate on all Windows platforms including Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT (3.51 and 4.x) and Windows XP.

Transferring files from the Husky Hunter 2 to the Windows PC does not work when running under Windows XP or later.


HCOM for Windows offers the following features:

  • Ability to communicate with all Husky hand-held computers.
  • Transmit and receive files using a point and click user interface.
  • Easy file management of connected hand-held computers.
  • Compatible with Windows 3.1x, 95, NT 3.51 and NT 4.x
  • The use of channels allows multiple file transfers simultaneously.
  • Command-line parameters provide compatibility with MSDOS version.
  • Synchronisation of hand-held clock with PC calendar.
  • Programmers API available for seamless application integration.

Installing HCOM on the Husky Hunter 2

Download HCOM. Contains both the Windows and DOS versions of HCOM.

If the HCOM program is not installed on the Husky Hunter 2, it must be downloaded and installed from the PC running HCOM for Windows.

  • Connect the Hunter to a serial port on the PC.
  • Open a channel using HCOM for Windows using the same serial port.
  • Select the Session / Software Download option and choose Hunter from the list of machines.
  • On the Hunter ensure that the communications parameters are set as follows (type COMS at the DEMOS prompt to start the serial port configuration program):

Transmission Parameters Rate - 2400 Prtcl - none Pty - 8bit CTS - n DTR - n LF - n Echo - n T/O - n Null - 0 Receiving Parameters Rate - 2400 Prtcl - none Pty - 8bit RTS - off DSR - n DCD - n T/O - n Serig - off

  • On the Hunter, type the command INP 999 HCOM.COM. The screen should now display Waiting.
  • On the PC select the OK button to start the transfer. The Hunter screen should now display Loading.
  • When the transfer is complete press Shift+BRK on the Hunter to save the software to disk. The Hunter screen should now display Aborted.
  • Run HCOM on the Hunter and select the Reconnect option on the PC. The directory of the Hunters disk should now be displayed.

Using HCOM

Start HCOM on the Husky Hunter 2 by running the HCOM command. The following screen will be displayed:

:========================================: : HUSKY File Transfer Utility V1.0.1 : : (C) Copyright Husky Computers Ltd : :========================================: press ESC to exit.

You can now connect to the Husky Hunter 2 using HCOM for Windows.

To exit the HCOM program press the ESC key (Shift+BRK).

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