EDIT invokes the Hunter text editor.


EDIT [filename]



The editor is invoked. If a Basic program is currently loaded in the workspace, the Editor will operate on it. If no program is loaded, entry of new text or program may proceed.


Program PROG1.HBA is first loaded into the workspace. EDIT is then invoked.


For full description of the editor see Editor.

EDIT cannot be used as a program statement.

To exit EDIT, either save the file (CTL+6), followed by filename) or Exit (CTL+8). The edited version of the program will remain in the workspace.

Following 'Save' or 'Exit' commands, the editor will display a message: ** Wait. A few seconds may elapse while the editor re-tokenises the Basic source text into the more compact format of the .HBA file. Only files with the .HBA suffix are treated in this way. When invoked from Basic, the editor assumes .HBA as a default suffix.