LOCATE sets the text cursor on the screen.



Maximum Value

Character Set X Y
Text mode 79 23
Char 0 239 63
Char 1 30 5
Char 2 30 5
Char 3 30 5
Char 4 30 5


10 LOCATE 0,0

Places the cursor in the top left-hand corner.


LOCATE is most useful for locating the cursor before printing text onto the display. LOCATE operates differently in text mode and graphics mode.

Text Mode:
Addressing a location outside the current window will cause the window to move so that the new cursor position is visible.

The maximum values for the parameters are X = 79 and Y = 23, being the size of the virtual screen.

Values greater than the maximum for X will cause wrap-around on the same line. Values greater than the maximum for Y will remain at the bottom of the screen.

Graphics Mode:
A SCREEN 1 command will reset the cursor to the origin at (0,0). When character set zero is selected the LOCATE co-ordinates are referenced to the graphics pixel position. Otherwise, the co-ordinates specified in LOCATE refer to the top left hand pixel of a 7 x 5 character cell, the size of which is equivalent to a CHAR1 character.