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The Husky's operating system is DEMOS (Disk EMulation Operating System). It is CP/M 2.2 compatible. A 40×8 virtual window is used to display the full 80×25 screen for compatibility with CP/M software written for larger screens.

The DEMOS CCP (Console Command Processor) contains the following built-in commands:

  • CRT - Connects the console to the RS-232 port.
  • DIR - Lists filenames in the directory.
  • ERA - Erase (delete) files.
  • FORMAT - Clears all files in memory.
  • INP - Receive a file from the RS232 port.
  • KEYS - Toggle key labels.
  • REN - Renames the specified file.
  • SAVE - Saves memory contents in a file.
  • SEND - Send a file to the RS232 port.
  • STAT - File statistics.
  • TYPE - Types the contents of a file.

The following are transient commands which are restored from ROM after using the FORMAT command:

  • BAS - Hunter Basic Interpreter.
  • CLCK - Date and Time setup utility.
  • COMS - Communication setup utility.
  • EDIT - Invoke built in screen editor.
  • TERM - Enter terminal mode.
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