DEMOS - File Manager


HUNTER's file manager DEMOS (Disk EMulation Operating System) manipulates files and runs CP/M programs. A large range of commercially available software will run on HUNTER with no modification.

After switching HUNTER on, the 'Welcome Message' is displayed and the following screen can be obtained by pressing any key:

|            29 NOV 1983 09:50          |
|** DEMOS VER 2.2 9.A**                 |
|BAS     .sys COMS    .sys CLCK    .sys |
|TERM    .sys EDIT    .sys              |
|                                       |
|                                       |
|                                       |

The bottom line show the titles of the soft keys. See File Manager Display.

The File Manager has several important functions:

  1. All programs such as word processors, spreadsheets and the Basic Interpreter are run from the File Manager.
  2. Various system files can be selected, for example, setting up the communications protocols.
  3. Information on the size of the files present (STAT) or file operations like transmitting a file (SEND) can be performed.

File Names

Files are named following the general format of CP/M. They consist of up to eight alphanumeric characters separated by a period from an extension of three alphanumeric characters. The extension informs the operating system of the type of file, if the user so wishes. Generally, the extensions follow these conventions:

Extension File Type
.HBA HUNTER Basic file containing program source code.
.COM A CP/M compatible object code file which can be loaded and run independently of HUNTER Basic.
.DTA HUNTER Basic data file.
.TXT Any ASCII text file.
.SYS A 'pseudo file', generally in ROM.

Keyboard Commands

Key Action
control C Reboots when at the beginning of the line.
control E Causes physical end of line.
control H Backspace one character position.
control J (Line feed) terminates input line.
control M (Return) terminates input line.
control R Retypes the current line after new line.
control U Removes current line after new line.
control X Backspace to beginning of current line.