SEND filename [A]

Outputs files via the serial port.


To output a file in 8-bit format:


To output an ASCII file to, say, a printer:


To output in Intel Hex format, first LOAD the file into the execution RAM page 0, then type:


n is the number of 256 byte blocks required to be sent.


To transmit in 8-bit format, remember to set the communication parameters correctly i.e. Parity to 8-bit and SERIG to off.

Transmission can be aborted with the 'ESC' key.

The only real difference between 8-bit format and ASCII dumping is that transmissions cease on the first occurrence of the end of file character 'control Z' (1A Hex) in the file.

If transmitting, using 8-bit data format, a .COM or a HUNTER.HBA file, the LF option in the communications menu MUST be turned off to prevent the insertion of LF characters following CR characters, possibly corrupting the object code file being received.

SEND cannot transmit a file whose name begins with a numeric character and will return a Syntax error. Rename the file using REN first, or use Hex format.