HUNTER Specification


  • Construction: Diecast aluminium alloy.

  • Size: 216mm x 156mm x 32mm.

  • Weight: (including batteries) 1150 grammes.

  • Sealing: Waterproof against accidental immersion.

  • Straps: Wrist strap on either side.


  • Screen: 240 x 64 dot full graphic liquid crystal display with keyboard-controlled contrast.

  • Keyboard: 58 keys arranged in four rows of 15. Qwerty layout with function and control keys. Fully waterproof sealed rubber keys.


  • Built-in language: Extended basic interpreter.

  • File handler: CP/M compatible software environment allows loading of meny popular programs.

  • Storage: Programs and data stored indefinitely in battery supported memory. Operating system stored in firmware, occupying no RAM space.

  • Screen handling (text mode): The actual screen of eight 40 character lines forms a window on a larger virtual screen. The window is controlled with the cursor keys.

  • Screen handling (graphics mode): Both text and graphics information are displayed together. There are five selectable character sizes giving facilities for elegant, professional screen formatting.

  • Keyboard: All keys re-allocatable in software.


  • Type: RS-232/V24 serily software controlled.

  • Baud rate: Up to 4800 baud asynchronous.

  • Protocols: Standard ‘invisible’ protocols for flow control and security are transparent to user programs.

    Formats provided include:

    • none/simple ‘TTY’ communication

    • XON/XOFF for mini and main frame computer systems

    • ETX/ACK for many popular printers

    • ACK/NACK for secure telephone communication

    • Systime, with BCC error checking

    • 2780 fully synchronous implementation

  • Handshaking: RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, RT, CD, all selectable by software.


Full addressing of all 240 X 64 dots. Software support for lines, boxes, circles and points.


Fully programmable for 4 octave range note and duration.

Character Sets

Five different sized charactersets selectable from Basic. Reverse video characters supported for all sets. True descenders on larger sizes.


  • Type: CMOS low power semiconductor RAM.

  • Retention: Battery support with soldered in Ni/Cd backup.

  • Capacity: Available in RAM size options of 80k byte, 144k byte and 208k byte. Operating system utilises 8k byte of this memory.

  • Firmware: Built-in operating system including file manager, Basic interpreter and disk emulator.

  • Upgrading: RAM memory can be upgraded on return to factory to larger size.

Real Time Clock

  • Type: Software accessible time of day and calendar clock. Totally independent of microprocessor.

  • Accuracy: 200ppm worst case, typically 2 sec per day.

  • Integrity: Non volatile, battery backed.


  • Type: NSC800-4

  • Software: Executes the Z-80 instruction set (8080 super set); can run standard CP/M compatible programs.

  • Cycle time: 250ns (4MHz)


  • Main: Four ‘AA’ cells, Ni/Cd rechargeable for daily use. Mallory MN1500 for long shelf life and reliability.

    Typical operating lifetime (software dependant) 14h (Ni/Cd) 45h alkaline.

  • Secondary: Built-in Ni/Cd charged from main cells when operating. Life 50h when main batteries are discharged.