Memory Allocation

Program Limits And Memory Usage

  1. Ranges

    Variables: ±9.99999E±126
    String arrays: Up to 2544 characters per string
    Line numbers: 0-65535 inclusive
    Program line length: Up to 254 characters including line number
  2. Precision

    Single precision variables have 6 digit resolution.
    Double precision variables have 14 digit resolution.
  3. Memory overhead

    Program lines require 4 bytes minimum, as follows:

    Line number: 2 bytes
    Line length: 1 byte
    Carriage return: 1 byte

Also each reserved word, operator, variable name character, special character and constant character requires 1 byte. Maximum program size in present versions: 54K Bytes (Page 0)

Dynamic (Run-Time) Memory Allocation

  1. Symbol Table

    Entries occupy: 7 Bytes each Maximum symbol table size: 16K Bytes

  2. Single Precision Array

    DIM A(X) occupies (X+1)*5+7 Bytes

  3. Double Precision Array

    DIM A!(X) occupies (X+1)*9+7 Bytes

  4. String Array Elements

    DIM A$(X,N) occupies (X+1)*N+7 Bytes

  5. Array Size

    Maximum number of elements in an array is 16,383.