HUNTER Basic is a powerful and flexible Basic interpreter installed within HUNTER’S firmware, allowing user programs to be easily written and used without the need for any additional equipment. In addition to normal programming features, HUNTER Basic can also handle communications with other devices.

Because it’s designed for use in the portable environment, HUNTER Basic has some unique features not found in other Basics. Principal among these is the ability of HUNTER Basic to keep both programs and data after its power has been switched off. Data can be used later by the same or another program following an intervening period when HUNTER is powered down and not in use at all. Similarly, user programs written in HUNTER Basic are retained and are always available for further use until deliberately cleared.

Different programs can be stored simultaneously in program space or in files and executed independently.

Initiating HUNTER Basic

HUNTER Basic is accessed from the File Manager by typing BAS followed by the ‘Enter’ key or by pressing the appropriate function key if the HUNTER System Functions are displayed. When HUNTER’S Basic Interpreter has been entered the following screen is displayed:

| Hunter Basic Interpreter                  |
| READY                                     |
|                                           |
|                                           |
|                                           |
|                                           |
|                                           |
| File Run  Edit List Save Load Kill Syst   |

To return to File Manager from Basic press ‘SYST’ function key or type SYSTEM and press the Enter key.

Alternatively, a HUNTER Basic program (.HBA extension) may be executed directly from the File Manager by typing the file name followed by Enter. In this case, the Basic Interpreter screen does not appear and the program executes immediately. For further details see section Program Execution.

Basic Programs

Program source code for execution by the resident Basic Interpreter can be provided by a variety of sources, including the following:

  • HUNTER Basic (.HBA extension) files.

  • Text (.TXT extension) files.

  • Direct keyboard entry using Edit.

  • Down line loading using LLOAD.

Programs are entered into HUNTER’S execution memory by a sequence of line numbers and program statements. Unnumbered lines will execute immediately. Variables can always be inspected using PRINT statements. Effects of functions and other operators can be determined empirically by simply typing unnumbered lines and observing the result.

Certain functions cannot be executed directly e.g. GOSUB


It is recommended that NEW is typed before entering a program in order to remove any previous programs.

Auto Start Basic

Provision has been made for Basic programs to execute immediately on power up. See Auto Power Feature.


A number of programs can be found in Demonstration Programs.