Program Execution

CP/M and HUNTER Basic programs may be run from the File Manager. In both cases the program is loaded into the working RAM page and executed either under the Basic interpreter or directly. CP/M and Basic program files are stored together in RAM file space, and are treated as if they were stored on disk.

Basic Programs

HUNTER Basic programs can be run without explicitly invoking the interpreter. Entering a filename which has the .HBA extension will cause the Basic program to be loaded and the interpreter to be executed. For example, if the directory reads as follows:


Then typing:


executes the HUNTER Basic program PROG1.HBA. The file extension .HBA must be specified. To enter the Basic interpreter use the File Manager command BAS, function key 3. See Basic Programming, for further information on HUNTER Basic.

CP/M Programs

Object code files with .COM extensions may be executed in the standard CP/M manner. The filename entered, for example using the directory above:


will cause the program to load and run. The .COM file extension is optional.