Auto Run


The automatic program continuation command CONT provides the user with the facility to continue execution of a program after HUNTER has been switched off. Power off may have been caused by execution of the POWER OFF function in Basic, Auto power off or operation of the power off key.

Command Syntax

The syntax of the CONT command is as follows:

>CONT filename

where filename is the name of a file containing a Basic source program or a CP/M program. The three character file type extension does not have to be entered if it is a .COM file, but must be included for HUNTER Basic files. For example, if a Basic program file is called PROG1.HBA, the following command would load and run the program via the Basic interpreter:


and the CP/M program PROGA.COM would be run if the following was entered:


If the filename does not have a .COM or .HBA extension, CONT will default the file type extension to .COM, so if the filename PROG2.TXT is entered CONT will default the filename to PROG2.COM. If it does not exist a ‘File not found’ error will occur.

Program Continuation

At any time during program execution HUNTER may be switched off by operation of the power key, automatic power off or any other means. The next time HUNTER is switched on the program will continue execution from the point at which HUNTER was switched off.

Exiting ‘CONT’

To escape from CONT press CTL + C and hold down, then power up. HUNTER will bleep twice and then wait for the escape code to be entered (default code 56580). Failure to enter the correct code will result in a bleep from HUNTER and continuation of the program. If the code is entered correctly then HUNTER will power down immediately. The next power up will revert to the operating system in the normal way. When continuing a .HBA file it is possible to escape from the program by pressing ESC and entering the escape code as above.

Power Loss

If power loss occurs by removing the batteries, the next power up will cause HUNTER to reload the file that was being run and execute the program from the start.

Power loss can also be caused by excessive shock, battery failure, nuclear effects or other means.