CONT filename



This will load and run the CP/M program ’PROG1.COM’.

The three character file type extension does not have to be specified for .COM files but must be included for HUNTER Basic files, for example, a HUNTER Basic program has the name ’SORT.HBA’, the following would load and execute the program via the Basic interpreter:



If at any time during execution of a program initiated with ’CONT’, HUNTER is switched off or power down takes place, switching HUNTER on will cause the program to continue execution from the point at which power was removed.

Escape from ’CONT’ mode during program execution is made by pressing CTL + C when power is off, and then pressing PWR to power on while keeping CTL + C depressed. Two ’beeps’ should be heard, when the keys should be released. Then enter the special security number, the default for which is 56580.

If an error is made, the Hunter will ’beep’ and return to program execution.