LLOAD command allows the HUNTER to load Basic programs through its serial port.





Loads Basic source from the RS-232 port.


Programs which were output using LLIST onto a storage medium, e.g. disk or another HUNTER may be reloaded using this command. LLOAD is terminated by typing ESC. See Loading Files, for a detailed description of program loading/unloading options.

Be sure to check HUNTER’S receiving parameters for compatibility with the device transmitting data.

LLOAD data goes into memory via the Basic interpreter input routine and is syntax checked on the way - if errors or spurious data are found in the incoming data, HUNTER will stop loading and display;

* SYX Error

If this occurs at the start of a file, it is likely that some header data, not in Basic syntax, has caused the problem.

Simply type LLOAD again, quickly, as HUNTER’s input buffer will still be receiving data.

LLOAD does not echo incoming characters onto the screen.