LINE draws lines and boxes on the graphics screen.


Line [(X1,Y1)] - (X2.Y2)[,P[,B[F]]] 0<X<239, 0<Y<63


10 LINE (10, 10) - (50,60)

Draws a line from the co-ordinates (10,10) to (50,60).


The parameter P is optional and if included denotes the colour of the line. If P is odd the the lines are drawn in black and if it is even then the line is drawn in white (i.e. erased). P defaults to odd if omitted.

The parameter B is used for drawing boxes with (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2) specifying the co-ordinates of the two diagonal corners.

The F parameter is used to fill in the box with the specified colour P. The P parameter must be specified if either the B or BF is used. The following command will fill the graphics screen with a black filled in box: