DATA statements hold constants for use in subsequent READ statements.


DATA item 1, item 2, ….. item n


100 DATA 12,A1,25,SIN(0.5),MID$(A$,3.4),99
110 DATA 5,6,7,8,6*5,"HELLO"

After reading the value 99 the READ will take 5, and so on until every data value is used. This form of data stoerage is not affected by CLEAR or program line changes which will erase variables. To return to the first value in a DATA list use the RESTORE statement.

A data statement must appear on a program line by itself. It cannot form part of a multiple statement.


The arguments for DATA statements can be either numerical values, variables, or expressions. Multiple arguments are separated by commas.

String variables may be used in DATA statements. Direct text must be enclosed in quotes.


Care must be taken that variables in the corresponding READ statement are of the same type as the DATA.