LLIST causes HUNTER to list the Basic program to the serial port.


LLIST [line no.1][-line no.2]


LLIST 100-

will cause a listing to start at line 100 in the program.


LLIST is optionally followed by a start line number and a finish line number, either of which may be omitted. If both are omitted, the entire program will be listed.

LLIST can be terminated at any time by the escape (‘ESC’) key being depressed and held down until HUNTER responds with a confirmatory ‘beep’. Because a transmission buffer is used, up to 256 characters may remain for transmission after ‘ESC is confirmed. Power OFF will also abort a listing at any time without loss of stored data or program.

It is advisable to check HUNTER’S Communication Parameters, see Communications Port Software, before using LLIST for compatibility with the external device receiving the data. When a printer is being used, remember to check for baud rate and line feed requirements. Unless “Echo” is enabled in transmission parameter, there is no data echoed onto the screen.

Because the communications power supply is powered up by LLIST, a single high-to-low character will appear at the start of the record. Many systems will see this transition as a single, spurious, character. To avoid this problem, power up the interface first with either:



OUT 132,1

otherwise, it may be necessary to edit out this character on the host system.