↑; CTL+E; CTL+K - Up arrow
↓; CTL+X; CTL+J - Down arrow
←; CTL+S; CTL+H - Left arrow
→; CTL+D; CTL+L - Right arrow


These keys move the cursor non-destructively in the required direction. They may be used to place the cursor over any character position which is in use.

These keys will not place the cursor outside the text area, i.e. before the beginning of the file, after the end of the rile, or past the end of the line currently written to.


The left and right arrow keys will scroll to the previous/following line if the end of a line is reached.

When ‘shifted’, these keys access the virtual screen.

When pressed with “CTL/FN”, they have the following functions:

  • Up and down cursor keys adjust display contrast.

  • Left and Right cursor keys display left and right halves of the virtual screen.