DEL - Delete
BS - Backspace
CTL+G - Delete Ahead


Delete destructively moves the cursor back over the previous character. The character to the left of the cursor is removed and the rest of the line is moved one character to the left.

Backspace operates exactly as back arrow. It moves the cursor non-destructively one character to the left.

Delete ahead destroys the character on which the cursor is positioned. The cursor remains stationary and text ahead of the cursor is moved towards it.


Carriage return may be deleted. This has the effect of concatenating lines.


Because HUNTER has a 32 character keyboard input buffer, ‘Deletes’ can be stored up in auto-repeat mode more quickly than they appear on the screen. This will have the effect of ‘eating’ the text!

Do not hold the Delete key down. Instead, use single key depressions or Line Delete.