CTL+2 - Find
CTL+O - Find


Find is used to search the file for a specified string. The search is only forward from the cursor position to the end of the file. There is no search prior to the cursor.

After activating Find, the label line is cleared and the message:


is displayed. The desired string is typed in (up to 68 characters). After pressing Enter, the search is started and the message:


is displayed. If an exact match for the desired string is found then the cursor is placed on the first character.

If no match is found, the message:

** Failed

is displayed on the bottom line and the cursor returned to its original position.

If it is desired to find the same string a second time, then pressing only Enter after the “Find?” prompt will cause the search to go on through the file looking for the next occurrence. This should not be done for the first search after entering the Editor as the command will be rejected.


Find can be aborted by entering ESC.