CTL+6 - Save
CTL+B - Save


This command is for saving modified text into a file.

After entering the command, the label line is cleared and the message:

Save Filename ...

is displayed. If Enter is pressed immediately, the text is stored back into the file originally loaded. Otherwise, a new file is created with the text. However, if the Editor was entered from Basic by simply pressing Edit and then Enter, then a new file called HUNTER.HBA will be created unless a filename is specified.

If .HBA suffix is used, then the file will be assumed to be a Basic source file. Any other suffix will always create a text file.


If there is insufficient room, then DEMOS is re-entered and the error message:

Disk Full  File length = n blocks

is displayed where n is the number of blocks needed to save all the file currently in the Editor. By clearing sufficient space in the HUNTER it is possible to save the file in the Editor using the file manager command:

SAVE n filename

where n is the same number displayed in the error message.

This will happen even if the Editor was entered from Basic.