Using The Manual

This manual is intended to fulfil several functions.

  1. As an introduction to the operation, programming and use of HUNTER.

  2. As a source of reference for technical data about HUNTER.

  3. As a vehicle for achieving HUNTER’s full potential in diverse user applications.

It is not intended as a guide for the first time computer user or Basic user. For guidance on these subjects, the reader is referred to the many excellent introductory works dealing with microcomputer Basic, now commonly available.

How To Use This Manual

The manual is split into a number of parts. This part is introduction to HUNTER. The others are:

HUNTER Operation

Description of HUNTER - its File Manager, communications, virtual screen and setting of the internal clock/calendar.

File Manager

Description of HUNTER’s File Manager DEMOS (Disk Emulation Operating System) and CP/M compatibility.

Basic Programming

Description of HUNTER Basic Programming techniques, use of the Basic Editor plus listing of error and warning messages.

Basic Functions

Detailed explanation of the resident HUNTER Basic interpreter commands.


Full description of HUNTER’s flexible serial data communications facilities.


Instruction in the use of the text editing facility within HUNTER.

Maintenance and Accessories

Instructions for case sealing, pressure relief etc., and information of accessories available for Hunter.


Specification, code conversion tables, etc.

The contents of each section are listed on the first page.