Welcome To HUNTER

The Hunter

Husky HUNTER is probably the smallest and toughest CP/M 1 microcomputer ever made.

It is resistant to moisture, dust, vibration, shock and electro-magnetic interference. But please don’t abuse it. Inside the impervious cast aluminium case is some of the most advanced technology money can buy. Don’t drop HUNTER needlessly, use it to strike other objects or pile heavy things on top of it.

Measuring 21.6 X 15.6 X 3.2 cm (8.5” x 6.2” x 1.3”) and weighing less than 1200g (31b), HUNTER is a completely self contained computer system. HUNTER is sealed against moisture, dust and other hazards.


NEVER attempt to open the case - there are no user serviceable parts inside.

The CP/M emulating operating system, now containing a flexible text editor, has RAM-disc emulation and provides a totally compatible environment for a vast range of commercially available software.

HUNTER’S Basic interpreter has been specially developed to be compatible with other popular Basics and to meet the extra demands of a portable system. Special statements, for example to filter input data so that only formats consistent with the program are accepted, simplify user programming.

Communications with instruments or computers, Including mainframes, are user programmable. Protocols can be chosen from a wide selection, including a choice of synchronous or asynchronous types.

CP/M compatibility is an important feature. A large range of commercially available software, including packages such as spreadsheets, can now be run on HUNTER with no modifications.

Disk emulation in RAM memory allows standard programs such as WordStar 2 and SuperCalc 3 to run without modification, while files can be exchanged easily.


CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research Corp


WordStar is a registered trademark of MicroPro International Corporation.


SuperCalc is a registered trademark of Sorcim.