HUNTER has an industry standard RS-232/V24 serial communications port, and will talk directly to most computer peripherals, modems and other devices.


RS-232 Male (HUNTER)

The port communicates via a standard male 25-way ‘D’ type connector. The pin connections and other details are in Communications.


Never, never try to force a mating connector home. Check that the connector is the right way up as shown below. If the connector won’t fit easily, it probably won’t fit at all.


RS-232 Female (Cable)

HUNTER’S communication format is usually set up by its applications program for specific situations, and does not require operator attention.

Sometimes, a user program will present a ‘menu’ selection for operator choice. In this event, selection of the desired communications mode will automatically set the communications parameters without further action.

Communications parameters can also be set manually. An internal program, ‘COMMUNICATIONS PARAMETERS’, can be accessed or called by a user application program.See Communications for details.