HUNTER System Files

HUNTER’s system files are not true files in the CP/M sense. They are built-in utility programs designed to support use of the computer. The function of each is described below.

File Directory

Displays a list of filenames. The use of wildcards is supported. See Wildcards.

File Status

This function displays the file status, read/write or read only, file size and remaining file space. See STAT.

Basic Interpreter

Access to HUNTER’S Basic interpreter is provided with this option. See Basic Programming.

Initialise Communications

The parameters of HUNTER’S industry standard RS-232/V24 interface may be changed for compatibility with additional external equipment. See Communications.

Initialise Clock

The date and time of HUNTER’S internal calendar clock may be set with this function. Calendar maintenance is completely automatic once the correct date and time have been entered. See CLCK.

Terminal Emulation

HUNTER emulates a simple CRT terminal. The communications baud rate and protocols are first initialised with ‘INITIALISE COMMUNICATIONS’ function. See Terminal Emulation.


This activates the text editor. See Editor.


Operation of the function ‘KEYS’ displays the alternate function key display line, as follows:


Further operation of the function ‘KEYS’ will return HUNTER to the original function key display line.