Set the internal calendar clock to the desired date and time.


Calendar clock initialisation screen:

|           01 Jan  1984  14:23:00       |
|                                        |
|        Time setting mode               |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |


To set the internal calendar clock proceed as follows:

  1. Using the cursor right and cursor left keys, step the cursor to the item you wish to set. The seconds cannot be set and are always initialised to zero when synchronising the clock (see below).

  2. Using the cursor up and cursor down keys, step the value selected until it is correct.

    The months step in the following manner :-

    Nov, Dec, Jan etc. : Cursor up
    Jan, Dec, Nov etc. : Cursor down


    The century cannot be set, it is fixed to “19”.

  3. Set the ‘minutes’ to one minute ahead of the present time.

  4. Press ‘Enter’. Hunter will display:-

    Press ENTER to synchronise
  5. When the time code, pip tone, or other reference arrives press ENTER.

    HUNTER’s clock will run from zero seconds in exact synchronisation with the external reference.

  6. The calendar automatically accounts for leap years. 7. If an attempt is made to specify an incorrect day value, e.g. 31st April, HUNTER will display the warning :-

    Error - Incorrect day value

    The error must be corrected before synchronising the clock.

HUNTER’s clock can be used to time-stamp entries, automatically label printouts or even initiate program execution automatically like an alarm clock.

See TIME$, DAY$ and DATE$ functions and HUNTER System Calls for details of CP/M clock calls.